Academic Advising

Academic Advising Mission Statement

At Valdosta State University, advising is a mandatory, collaborative process designed to help students

  • succeed academically,
  • develop an appropriate educational plan leading to graduation,
  • focus on their life beyond the university, and
  • play a responsible and proactive role in their own education.

Advisors will assist students in decision-making by

  • providing timely and accurate information,
  • making appropriate referrals to campus resources, and
  • encouraging students to use available technology.

Academic Advising information

Advising is an important and integral component of a student’s academic success in college.  At Valdosta State University, all undergraduate and graduate students must meet with their advisor each semester before being allowed to access the registration system and register for classes.  While advising is mandatory for all students, the process of advising differs from college to college and department to department.

Students with a declared major should contact the Department Head in the appropriate department or discipline for advising. Students who have not chosen a major are classified as Liberal Arts Students (LAS) and are advised through the OASIS Center for Advising. Freshmen and sophomores in the Langdale College of Business Administration are advised through the COBA Student Advising Center (SAC). Students with 30 credits or less in the Dewar College of Education are advised through the College of Education's Advising Center. For more information, review the current VSU undergraduate catalog at catalog. (p. 80)

The Student Success Center (SSC) offers general academic advising to all students in order to enable them to make well informed decisions regarding their education. The SSC assists students in understanding University policies which directly affect their academic success. Students can make an appointment from any computer (on campus or off campus) or stop by during office hours.

Advising Models for VSU students

Faculty and Advisor Resources

Graduate Student Resources

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Campus Advising Information

  • College of Business
  • College of Education
  • OASIS Center for Advising
  • Student Success Center
  • College of Arts - Students in the College of Arts are assigned an advisor within their major in their freshman year and are advised by their advisor throughout their degree program.
  • College of Arts and Sciences - Students in the College of Arts & Sciences are assigned an advisor within their major in their freshman year and are advised by their advisor throughout their degree program.
  • College of Nursing - Pre-Nursing students are advised in the College of Nursing until they successfully complete all 60 credits of lower division coursework and other requirements for admission to the Nursing program.  Upon admission to the program, students are assigned a faculty advisor and are considered Nursing majors.