Online Student Survival Guide

Welcome to Valdosta State University

Whether nervous or excited, there are a lot of details when starting college for the first time, or transferring to a new campus. The Office of Extended Learning, in conjunction with many other VSU departments is excited to provide the information that you need to survive your arrival.

Our Survival Guide program is geared toward upcoming VSU online students and is integrated into the current MyVSU Student Portal. The Guide will empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to successfully complete the enrollment process and navigate university systems and offices. The MyVSU Student Portal is intuitive and allows access to a variety of interactive functions including, videos and embedded quizzes, how to receive advising and instructions for registration, applying for financial aid, paying tuition and fees, purchasing textbooks, and so much more.

The Guide will remain available to you throughout your studies – providing you with a resource you can use throughout your time at VSU. To provide a personalized experience, the Guide also identifies your student characteristics when you enter the portal, so you only see content that is relevant to you. 

Access the Survival Guide:

  • Login to the MyVSU Portal (available from the top-right of most VSU webpages)
  • Click the link for Survival Guides; you may need to search for the option by completing the following steps:
    • Select the Gear in the upper-right corner of your list
    • Search for "Surviving and Thriving" or clear the search criteria and a list will appear
    • Select "Surviving and Thriving"
    • Note: If you select the + symbol to the right of the name, it will save to your default list
  • A new tab/window will open with the Survival Guide welcome.
  • Proceed through the Guide using the 'Previous' or 'Next' buttons near the bottom of the page.

Additional key stakeholders in this project are the Orientation Office, Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, Registrar, Centralized Advising Center, Access Office, Financial Aid, Bursary, Library, Information Technology, Web Services, and Enrollment Management.


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