Office Administration and Technology

About Office Administration and Technology

Professionals in the field of office administration and technology are responsible for financial planning, billing, record keeping, personnel, physical distribution and logistics within an organization. They also plan work assignments for staff, supervise staff, request new office equipment and make repairs on existing equipment. The office administration and technology program at Valdosta State University prepares students for administrative, supportive and supervisory positions in business or industrial settings, professional offices, public institutions, and government agencies.

Office Administration and Technology at Valdosta State University

Students in the office administration and technology program at Valdosta State are trained on state-of-the-art equipment and are exposed to numerous areas of study, including business, economics, accounting, computer technology, desktop publishing, Web design, office management and more. Students work closely with faculty to hone their skills and become confident and competent office administrators. Students have the opportunity to further strengthen their skills through an internship course.


  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
  • Bachelor of Science Online (B.S.)

About the Office Administration and Technology Curriculum


Students in the office administration and technology program learn office procedures and management, document processing and design, communication skills, advanced keyboarding skills, advanced word processing skills and problem solving skills. Students also receive extensive training in business administration and gain knowledge that can help them qualify for managerial positions. The Bachelor of Science degree in office and administration technology can be earned on campus or online.

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  • Administrative assistant
  • Benefits coordinator
  • Bookkeeper
  • Branch manager
  • Executive assistant
  • Human resources professional
  • Human resources specialist
  • Information management specialist
  • Information systems manager
  • Management secretary
  • Medical office manager
  • Office administrator
  • Office associate
  • Office manager
  • Payroll manager
  • Project manager
  • Property manager
  • Purchasing specialist                                                
  • Records manager
  • Retail store buyer
  • Sales manager
  • Staff assistant
  • Staff specialist
  • Virtual office manager

*Some career possibilities may require additional degrees or certifications.

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