Music, Music Performance and Music Education

About Music, Music Education and Music Performance

Music is the art of combining vocal or instrumental sound to evoke emotion, produce beauty of form, or create harmony, melody or rhythm. Humans have been making music since the beginning of time, and music is present in some form in every culture and society around the world. The music department at Valdosta State University prepares students to have lifelong careers as musicians, music educators or professionals who work in the field of music.

Music, Music Education and Music Performance at Valdosta State University

The music department at Valdosta State has three programs of study for students interested it the discipline: music, music education and music performance. The department’s faculty members are active performers, conductors, scholars, clinicians and adjudicators throughout the region. The department offers a full range of instrumental and vocal performing ensembles, including the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Blazin’ Brigade Marching Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Ensemble and Trombone Choir. Ensemble participation is a vital part of the training of the professional musician, and students are required to perform in an assigned principal ensemble each semester.


  • Bachelor of Art in Music (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education (B.M.)
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Performance (B.M.)





Orchestral Instruments



  • Master of Music Education (M.M.Ed.)
  • Master Music Performance (M.M.P.)


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About the Music, Music Education and Music Performance Curriculum

B.A. in Music

The music curriculum is designed to help students prepare for entrepreneurial careers in music or related fields or for graduate school. Students in the music program become well versed in music construction and learn about the literature and historical development of music in Western civilizations and other world cultures. The baccalaureate program is a good choice for students who want to pursue a degree in music but who do not necessarily plan to teach music or make their living as a musician.

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B.M. in Music Education

The baccalaureate program in music education is a good choice for students who want to teach band, choir or orchestra in a school setting. Students in the program gain hands-on experience teaching music to different age groups in a variety of settings. Students learn about curriculum development, lesson planning, and daily classroom and performance activities and gain knowledge in the areas of conducting, rehearsing, and wind, string and percussion instruments or voice performance. Students in the program also sharpen their solo performance skills. Upon successful completion of the degree program, graduates are certified to teach in the school system.

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B.M. in Music Performance

Students in the baccalaureate degree program in music performance select a track in piano, organ, voice, orchestral instruments, guitar or jazz. Throughout the course of their studies, students learn to apply appropriate theoretical skills, understand and use fundamental music pedagogy, display analytical and historical knowledge in the field, and become comfortable performing professional-level solo and ensemble literature. Upon graduation, students are prepared for a variety of music, music performance and music-related careers and may also choose further personal study in their specialty area or to attend graduate school.

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Music Minor

The minor in music gives students interested in the discipline an opportunity to hone their skills and develop a further appreciation for music. Eighteen hours of coursework are required.

M.M.Ed. in Music Education

The Master of Music Education degree is offered for music educators who wish to further develop their competence in music teaching and to enhance their credentials in the music education profession. Students in the program explore the materials and methodology of musical instruction and develop the ability to understand and evaluate research in music and music education.

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M.M.P. in Music Performance

The Master of Music in Performance is a non-thesis master’s degree program intended to further the musical and academic skills of accomplished musicians. Students in the program refine their performance skills to an advanced degree, deepen their knowledge of the academic and research aspects of music, and further develop their pedagogical skills. Graduates are prepared for careers in professional performing, conducting and studio teaching.

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  • Accompanist
  • Acoustical engineer
  • Arts educator
  • Band director
  • Band leader
  • Chamber musician
  • Choir director
  • Church music director
  • Composer
  • Conductor
  • Disc jockey
  • Instrument designer
  • Lyricist
  • Music critic
  • Music director for film/TV
  • Music editor
  • Music editor for film/TV
  • Music industry lawyer
  • Music instructor
  • Music journalist
  • Music librarian
  • Music promoter
  • Music publisher
  • Music software programmer
  • Music store manager
  • Music store owner
  • Music therapist
  • Performer
  • Recording engineer
  • Recording mixer
  • Recording technician
  • Secondary school music teacher
  • Sound engineer
  • Sound technician
  • Studio musician
  • Voice coach

*Some career possibilities may require additional degrees or certifications.

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