POLS 1101 Arambula

POLS 1101, Prof. Arambula, Spring 2013

This webpage connects you to resources to assist you in your research.


Valdosta State University's Odum Library Homepage

  • Anywhere Access
    • Log in to Anywhere Access to use library resources while off-campus.
  • Live Chat
    • The Live Chat page brings together every possible way to contact a Reference Librarian.  Contact methods include online chat, text message, email, phone, or visiting us in person during normal reference desk hours.
  • Schedule a research consultation with a librarian for in-depth help
    • With this online form, you may request an appointment with a reference librarian for assistance with your research. We request 48 hours' notice to allow time for scheduling.

Search Techniques and Strategy

Finding Books

  • GIL-Find@VSUsearches for books and other materials by keyword, title, author, subject, and other fields.
  • GIL-Find Tutorial (guide)
  • GIL Universal Catalogexpands the Classic GIL@VSU catalog to search for and request books from all University System of Georgia libraries. GIL Express allows you to have those books delivered to any USG library within 3-6 days.
  • GIL Universal Catalog / GIL Express (guide)
    • The GIL Universal Catalog allows you to search for library books across the University System of Georgia.  GIL Express allows you to have those books delivered to any USG library within 2-5 days.
  • eBooksthe box on the left hand side of the page has links to eBooks by ebrary and Safari.
  • WorldCat
    • WorldCat is a catalog for library holdings throughout the world.  You can search for a particular book here and find detailed information about it, which you can then use for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) forms.  While using this FirstSearch version of WorldCat, you can click on the "Find It" button within a record and then send WorldCat information to our ILL system automatically. 

Print Reference Materials

You will find print reference sources in both the main reference collection and the "reference alcove." Please ask the Reference Librarian on duty at the reference desk for assistance in finding materials.


Online Reference Sources


An example of an online reference resource (Gale Virtual Reference Library)

Gale Virtual Reference Library screenshot



Finding Databases to search for Scholarly Articles

  • Go to the library home page.
  • Click on the Articles tab, if it is not already selected.
  • Click the arrow for the drop-down menu located under Articles & Databases by Subject to view a list of subject pages for VSU majors.
  • Select the subject you are interested in researching. The subject guide will give you list of recommended databases.

Scholarly Articles & Peer Review

  • Is the article peer-reviewed? See our guide on Peer Review.
  • Use Ulrich's to determine if a journal is refereed (peer reviewed). Look for the referee's shirt! Ulrich's

Recommended Databases for finding articles about government, politics, and current affairs

NOTE: You will need to login through Anywhere Access or know the GALILEO password if you are off campus.

Help with getting articles full-text or in print



Please look at these four articles for the quiz: