BIOL 1100 (Kang & Mott)

Finding Articles in Odum Library

Databases are the best way to search for research articles on your topic.


Biology Subject Guide
The Biology Subject Guide is a great place to start, with recommended biology databases.


Be sure to use "MeSH 2013" at the top of the page.


Nearly the same holdings as MEDLINE, but the database is free to use, even when you are not a university student.


Library Quiz

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Additional Resources


Basic Search Strategies & Skills

Mapping Your Topic

Constructing a Search Statement

Search Tips: Boolean Operators and More


Evaluating Your Sources

What is a primary research article? 

A primary research article reports on the original research and findings of the authors. Primary research articles have the following sections:

Introduction/Literature Review

What is a secondary research article?

A secondary research article reviews, summarizes, and discusses topics of interest. The research is not original, rather the authors look at other existing research articles on the topic. Secondary articles are useful for learning about a topic of interest and gaining a better understanding at the overall scope or limitations of the research on that topic.

What is a peer-reviewed journal?

VSU Peer Review Guide

Some databases allow you to limit your search to Peer Reviewed or Refereed articles. Often, you can click on the Journal title and get information about the journal in a database, including if it is peer-reviewed.

You can also check to see if a journal is peer-reviewed using Ulrich’s, a directory of all journals, magazines, news, and any other periodically-released resource. Type the journal title in the search box (leave off A, The, An, etc. at the start of the tile) and either hit "Enter" or click on the search button (green magnifying glass).

Find your title in the search results and click on it to see the record. Look for “Refereed” and “Yes.” If you do not see “Refereed” in the Basic Description column, it is not. Refereed is the same as peer-reviewed.

Evaluating Journal Articles

Scholarly Journals vs. Trade Magazines vs. Popular Magazines

Locating bound & current print journals in Odum Library

Bound periodicals are located on the 1st floor of Odum Library. Current periodicals are located on the 1st floor of Odum Library.  Don't forget to lift up the shelf if you are looking for previous months' issues.

 Use ILL- Odum Express to request articles, or books, not owned by Odum Library.

Finding Books in Odum Library

Search GIL-Find for books, theses, dissertations & government documents.

GIL-Find Tutorial

  • Demonstrates searching for books in the online catalog

  • When you find a book in the online catalog, note the location and the complete call number. Odum Library uses Library of Congress call numbers.

Requesting Books & Articles not Available at Odum Library

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) allows you to request books and articles that Odum Library does not have.

Asking for Help

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