Locating VSU Theses & Dissertations

This guide will help you find VSU-published theses and dissertations in our catalog. 

For other tutorials, such as submitting your thesis or dissertation or finding worldwide dissertations in full text, visit Dissertations and Theses Resources.

The easiest way to search for dissertations and theses from VSU is using our online GIL Catalog.
Start at the Odum Library Home Page and click the “Books” Tab.

Enter the GIL Catalog by clicking GIL-Find@VSU Catalog. Examples below demonstrate searching the GIL-Find Catalog.

Keyword Searching

Once in GIL, you can use keyword searches to find relevant dissertations or theses.
For example, if you are looking for theses on nursing, you would use the Advanced or Keyword Search to formulate your search.


You could formulate a search using:

AND Nursing
AND Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University is used in this example to narrow down the search to nursing theses produced here by VSU students. 
You could leave this out if you wanted all nursing theses in our catalog.


Author or Title Search

If you know a specific author or title for a dissertation or thesis, you can narrow your search.

Enter the GIL Catalog and use the Advanced Search page.

In the drop-down menu, you can change your search field. For example, if looking for "A Comparison of Maternal Behaviors in Adolescent and Older Mothers" by Bonnie J. Simmons, you would limit your search to either Title or Author.

To limit to Title, enter the title in the search box and use the drop down menu to limit the search to Title.


This will pull up records with only that exact title, and hopefully exactly what you are looking for.

If you are not sure about the title and only know the author, you can repeat this search by 
entering the author’s name (last, first) in the search box and limiting it to Author.



Locating Theses and Dissertations

Once you have found the dissertation or thesis you want online, you can check out a print copy in the library. The Call Number for the thesis, located at the bottom of the page, will begin with “SP COL.” This refers to our library’s Special Collections. The Special Collections are located on the fourth floor of Odum Library in the Archives. All of our Theses and Dissertations are available for patrons to check out.



Useful Links

If you are the author of a dissertation or thesis, here are a few useful links:

Dissertation/Thesis Binding Form

Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Release Form