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Service Phone Staff Name Email
Acquisitions 229-333-5864 Acquisitions Contact Form
FAX 229-259-5059
Head of Acquisitions 229-245-3734 Smith, Ken
Library Assistant 229-333-5866 Smoot, Alice
Library Assistant 229-333-5864 Wheelis, Mary Ann
Electronic Resources Librarian 220-245-3751 Lee, Jessica
Library Technical Assistant 229-259-5058 Jack, Dana
Service Phone Staff Name Email
Archives 229-333-7150 Archives Contact Form
Head of Archives 229-259-7756 Davis, Deborah
Service Phone Staff Name Email
Automated Systems 229-333-5868 Tech Support Request Form
Computer Services Assistant 229-333-5868 Hankinson, Jeremy
Library Systems Services Coordinator 229-259-7753 Watson, Keith
Service Phone Staff Name Email
Cataloging 229-333-5060    
Head of Cataloging
Cataloguer 229-259-5060 Frost, Guy
Cataloging &
Database Integrity
Library Technical Assistant 229-259-5057 Taylor, Robert
Library Assistant 229-245-5871 Moye, Michele
Service Phone Email
Circulation 2nd Floor 229-333-5869 Circulation Contact Form
FAX Services 229-219-1362
Circulation 2nd Floor 229-259-7750
Circulation and Lending Services Coordinator 229-333-5363
Library Assistant 229-259-7750
Reserves 229-333-7082
Library Assistant 229-333-5869
Library Technical Assistant 229-245-3729
Library Assistant 229-333-5869
Library Assistant 229-333-5869
FAX Numbers Phone Service
FAX Number 229-259-5059 Acquisitions Office
FAX Number 229-219-1362 Circulation FAX Service available to VSU only
FAX Number 229-333-5862 InterLibrary Loan Office
FAX Number 229-259-5055 Library Administrative Office
FAX Number 229-259-5055 Master of Library and Information Science Division
Service Phone Staff Name Email
eLearning 229-245-6490 Contact Distance Learning 
Service Phone Staff Name Email
Government Documents 229-245-3743
Reference Librarian 229-245-3748 Rogers, Emily
Service Phone Staff Name Email
ILL - Odum Express
ILL - Facebook 
ILL - MySpace
229-245-5867 ILL Contact Form
FAX 229-333-5862

InterLibrary Loan - ILL Librarian

229-245-3747 Montgomery, Denise
Library Assistant 229-245-3750 Hall, Meghan
Service Phone Email
IT Helpdesk 229-245-4357 Service Desk 
Service Phone
Library and Information Science Master Program 229-333-5966 
Service Phone Staff Name Email

New Media Center

229-333-5863 Contact Media Form

New Media Center Director

229-333-5863 Devane, Rex
Instructional Support Specialist 229-333-5863 Culpepper, Kyle
Service Phone Staff Name Email
PC Lab 2nd Floor 229-259-5056 Tech Support Request Form
PC Lab 3rd Floor 229-333-5647 Tech Support Request Form
Service Phone Staff Name Email
Reference 229-333-7149    
Reference Services Coordinator 229-245-3746 Wright, Laura
Marketing and Assessment Coordinator 229-333-7105 Holt, Michael
ILL Librarian 229-245-3747 Montgomery, Denise
Reference Librarian 229-245-3749 VanPetten, Deb
Reference Librarian 229-245-3745 Bowers, Catherine
Reference Librarian Paul, Samantha
Service Phone Staff Name Email
Dean of Libraries Office 229-333-5860
FAX 229-259-5055
Dean of Libraries 229-333-5860 Bernstein, Alan
Associate to the Dean 229-333-5874 Bailey, Judy
Service Phone Staff Name Email
eLearning 229-245-6490 Contact eLearning