Gift Policy

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that the Library becomes the owner of the material and may dispose or add them to the collection at its discretion.  The Head of Acquisitions and Collection Development makes the decision to accept or decline the gift (s).  As a general rule, gifts will be added to the Collection following the same selection criteria as similar purchased materials. For your convenience in donating materials, please utilize the Library's Gift Record Form.

Bookplates naming the donor, or for dedicatory purposes, are available.  If a donor wishes to claim a charitable deduction for income tax purposes, the donor is responsible for providing a detailed inventory of the gifts.  No member of the Library staff will provide an appraisal.  If the donor wishes to make a tax claim, the Library will provide a letter of the receipt of the gift, but the donor must determine its fair market value.

If the gift is declined, the donor may request it be returned or sent to a designated party (e.g., the Public Library).  If no request was previously made, the Library will determine an appropriate disposition.