Study Rooms, Room Reservation, View a Video

  • Does the library have student individual and group study rooms available?

    There are over 20 group study rooms available on a "first come, first serve" basis on the first and third floors of the library. The Circulation II desk, on the first floor, has four additional study rooms that are also available on a "first come, first serve" basis, located near the Internet Café. Adaptive technology for students with disabilities is available in room 1060 located in the same area as the study rooms behind the Circulation II desk.
  • What is the key-punch code for the library graduate study rooms?

    There is a room on the 3rd floor (#3624) reserved for graduate student study. The key-punch code for this room is available from the Graduate School in the Continuing Education Building (229-222-5694).
  • Does the library have adaptive technology for students with disabilities?

    Adaptive technology for students with disabilities is available in room 1060 adjacent to the Internet Café.
  • Does the library have a presentation practice room?

    presentation practice room is located in the 1st floor New Media Center.  The practice room is equipped with a digital projector, DVD/VHS playback decks, 5 -1 surround sound speaker system as well as a small lectern desk with laptop connection.
  • Are the library classrooms and meeting rooms available for reservation?

    Following the Library's Room Reservation policy, Student Organizations in good standing may place an online request for Room 1480 on the first floor of Odum Library, for a group event.
  • Where can I view videos in the library?

    Videos may be viewed in the library on the first floor in the New Media Center.