Uninstall Real Player 10

Step 1:

Download RealPlayer 10 from this website.

realplayer Step 1

Step 2:

Double-click the file you downloaded.

realplayer Step 2



Step 3:

If you receive a security warning, click the Run button.

realplayer Step 3



Step 4:

Read through the license agreement. Click the Accept button.

realplayer Step 4


Step 5:

Please choose your Internet connection speed.  If you are unsure please contact your Internet Service Provider (Att, Bellsouth, Verizon, Sprint, Mediacom, DirecWay).  Click the Next button.

realplayer Step 5


Step 6:

Verify the settings below.  You can uncheck “Add a desktop icon for Free Games & Music from Real.”  Then, click the Next button.

realplayer Step 6


Step 7:

Installation will proceed.  You may sit back and relax.

realplayer Step 7


Step 8:

Accept the default setting. Then, click the Finish button.

realplayer Step 8


Step 9:

RealPlayer will now guide you through a basic user setup process with optional promotional offers.  Click the Continue button.

realplayer Step 9


Step 10:

Select Basic Setup. Click the Continue button.

realplayer Step 10


Step 11:

Please fill in the personal information. It is OK to uncheck all of the checks for Desktop Messages. Click the Create button.

realplayer Step 11


Step 12:

A test video will now play verifying that Real Player is installed correctly.

realplayer Step 12


Congratulations! You have successfully installed RealPlayer 10.