Video Edit Room

Reserve Room

The Video Editing Room is used by patrons to capture and edit raw video footage. Patrons can capture media from a variety of media formats – this includes audio and video resources. The Video Editing Room contains the following equipment:


1 Toshiba MD14FP1 TV/DVD Player Combo: This unit is used to view completed projects to confirm successful DVD project burns.


Panasonic Proline AG-2570 VHS Player: This is used to capture and convert media.


Philips HTS3410D DVD Home Theater System: This device is used to convert from a variety of media types to DVDs.


Canon Elura 80 Mini DV Camcorder: This miniDV camcorder is used to capture miniDV tapes for editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.


HP Z620 Workstation: Intel Xenon 2.4GHz 8GB Ram, 64bit OS Windows 7 Pro.


3 HP Compaq 2045w Monitors: This set up of three monitors provides more than enough workspace on the screen for patrons completing projects that require the use of multiple monitors.


Canopus ADVC-110: This device captures analog and digital signals onto the computer for editing purposes.


Sennheiser Headset: A headset designed for professional audio playback.


Wacom Intuos 2 Graphic Tablet: This graphic tablet is used to create artwork or illustrations on popular image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop &  Illustrator.


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