Scanning Color Printing Area

The scanning/color printing area of Media Services is used by students for a variety of media development projects. Students typically use this area to scan images, OCR scan documents, edit pictures, print color documents, print posters, and write papers. Furthermore, the computers in this area have access to a terabyte of server space allowing them to edit large video and audio files. See our software list!

The scanning/color printing area of Media Services contains the following equipment:

Six Dell Computers: Each has Intel Pentium ® 4 CPU’s with 3.20 GHz processing speed, 1.00 GB of RAM. All have Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2 installed on them.

Four Canon Elura 80 Mini DV Camcorders: These camcorders are connected to four of Dell computers located on the main table. These are used to capture video from a Mini DVC via an IEEE Firewire port for editing with Adobe Premiere.


Powerlook 210XL by Umax; this is an extra large scanner that is dual sided, which can be used to scan dual sided documents and slides.

2 HP Scanjet 6100C; these scanners are used to scan normal to medium sized documents.

HP Scanjet 3970; this scanner is used to scan normal sized documents.

HP Scanjet 5590; this scanner is used to scan documents via its convenient document feeder. This saves time and energy when scanning large documents. It also has a flatbed scanner for use of scanning normal sized documents. It has an attachment to scan film negatives as well.

HP Scanjet 5400C; this scanner is used to scan normal to medium sized documents.



HP DesignJet 500 PS: this printer is used by faculty, students, and staff to create posters for presentations, events, and announcements – it can print a maximum width of 24” and an unlimited length. Standard poster size is 22”X34”.

2 HP DeskJet 1220C: these color inkjet printers can print standard 8”X11, 8”X14” and 11”X17” page layouts.

HP LaserJet 1300 N; this printer is used for black and white document printing.

HP Color InkJet CP 1700; this color inkjet printer can print standard 8.5X11, 11X17, and 13X19 formats. It is used to print photo quality prints, color transparencies, and standard color prints.


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