Multimedia Room

The Multimedia Room is used by patrons largely for working on video editing projects. Furthermore, each workstation has a variety of peripheral input devices allowing patrons to capture anything from VHS tapes, DVDs to miniDV tapes. This room can also be used by staff to convert media from one form or another to DVDs given the fact that there are up to six DVD recorders dispersed throughout the room. Scanning is another activity that can be preformed in this room; there are multiple scanners located throughout the Multi Media Room. 

The Adobe Pro Editing suite is installed on each workstation. This allows patrons to perform sophisticated editing and authoring of digital media content. Patrons most frequently use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Encore CS6 when working on their video editing projects.

The following equipment is located in the Multi Media Room:

Computer Stations:

4 HP EliteOne 800 All-In-One's: Each workstation has Intel ® Core (TM) i5-4570S CPUs, 2.90 GHz process speed, and 16.00 GB of RAM.

10 HP Compaq Elite 8000 PCs: Each workstation has Intel ® Core (TM) 2 Quad Core CPUs, 2.83 GHz process speed, and 8.00 GB of RAM


4 Canon Elura 80 Mini DV Camcorders: These camcorders are connected to the HP 8000 computer stations and are used to capture and record footage from/to Mini DV tapes.

3 Panasonic Pro-Line AG-VP310 DVD/VCR Combos: These DVD/VCR combos are used to capture video footage from either VHS tape or DVDs.

2 Panasonic AG-2570 VCR: This VCR is used to transfer media from either VHS or DVD. It is connected to a station that has its own television and DVD recorder. VHS tape is converted to a DVD most frequently at this station, but it can be used to convert a DVD to a VHS tape.

1 Samsung World Wide Video VCR: This VCR is used primarily to convert PAL version VHS tapes to DVD since all other VCRs read only NTSC version VHS tapes.

2 Sony DVD Recorders: These DVD recorders are set up with VCRs and Mini DVC camcorders to be used in the converting of media from one form to another.


4 HP Scanjet 3970's:

1 UMAX PowerLook 2100 XL:


Epson PowerLite 6100i:


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