Audio Editing Room

Reserve Room

The Audio Editing Room is used by patrons to capture and edit a variety of audio source which include cassette tapes, reel to reels, CDs, DATs and vinyl records. Voice may be captured as well through the use of the microphones which are connected to the computer via an audio mixer. The Audio Editing Room contains the following equipment:


Panasonic Proline AG-VP310 VHS/DVD: This device is used for capturing VHS tapes and DVDs for editing.


Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 Z5 Creative 5.1 surround sound speaker system: These speakers are used for playing back captured audio during the editing process.


Canopus ADVC-100: This device captures analog and digital signals onto the computer for editing purposes.


Canon Elura 80 Mini DV Camcorder: This mini DV camcorder is used to capture Mini DV tapes for editing with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.


AKAI GX 230D Reel to Reel: This device is used to capture reel to reel tapes onto the computer for editing purposes.


2 Large HP Monitors: This set up of two monitors provides more than enough workspace on the screen for patrons completing projects that require the use of dual monitors.


HP Z600 Workstation: Intel Xenon 2.4GHz 8GB Ram, 64bit OS Windows 7 Pro.


Toshiba TV/DVD Player Combo: This TV/DVD player is used to verify projects have been completed properly and to view DVDs.


Eurorack UB1204-Pro Behringer: This is a 5 balance/unbalance input mixer used for capturing audio sources and narrations.


Sony Stanton PS-LX350H Stereo Turn Table System—Record Player: This turntable is used to capture vinyl records onto the computer for editing and conversion purposes.


Sony TC-WE305 Stereo Cassette Deck: This tape player is used to capture audio from cassette tapes and later to be converted to an audio CD or digital format such as MP3s and WAVs.


Tascam CD-RW750: Used to burn CD’s from analog resources.


Tascam DA-20MKII: DAT recorder which capitalizes on the key advantages of the DAT format.


Sennheiser Headset: A headset designed for professional audio playback.


Shuttle Express S-XPRS: A powerful productivity enhancement tool for video editing.


Wacom Intuos 2 Graphic Tablet: This graphic tablet is used to create artwork or illustrations on popular image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop &  Illustrator.


Yamaha YPG-235 Keyboard with Koss Professional K0-727B Stereophones: Features 76 non-weighted keys, and a vast amount of features catered for musician and sound producers.

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