Constitution Day 2013

Historic mural of the signers of the Constitution, by Barry Faulkner

The Constitution, mural by Barry Faulkner, 1936, Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom, National Archives, Washington, DC

Be sure to visit the Constitution Day 2013 exhibit, located in the 1st floor display cases, Odum Library north, to see copies of the Constitution, reference books and scholarly studies on the Constitution and its interpretation, and other documents related to the U.S. Constitution and citizens' constitutional rights.


Resources on the United States Constitution and Federal Government

Opening page of the Constitution of the United States

Opening page of the U.S. Constitution, Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Continental Congress & Constitutional Convention Broadsides Collection


Of Special Interest to Georgia:

Meet the Founding Fathers from Georgia

Signers of the Constitution:

Other Constitutional Convention delegates from Georgia:

See the Constitution of the State of Georgia, 1777, courtesy the Avalon Project, Yale University Law School.