Welcome to Valdosta State University - Kings Bay Center

Valdosta State University has been providing academic services to the military, their family members and the community that supports the mission at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base since the Fall Quarter of 1983. We are centrally located on USS James Madison Road beside the Base Theater and the NEX.

Our programs and classes are available to military, their family members, civil service employees, base employees as well as the local community not affliliated with the base. Because our center is located on a military installation our courses are only available to U.S. citizens. Prospective students not affilitated with the base must submit a consent form for a background check and be approved to come onto the base.


MON - FRI  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Advisement Appointments: 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Once students have properly registered for classes being offered at Kings Bay NSB, it is their responsibility to contact our office at 912-882-6573 to request information on how to obtain a pass to enter the base. Student badge information and forms will be made available for those students needing the BASE PASS.


If a student is dropped for non-payment and is not on the VSU student list they will not be able to receive a BASE PASS.


You will not be able to access the base. Do not contact the office to request a ride onto the base from the VSU staff. If you register late for classes you may not be able to receive your approval and BASE PASS in time for the first night of class. This is not a valid reason for your absence from the class. Our registration period is open for more than 30 days at a time giving our students ample time to register and pay for classes.



Notify the office to arrange an appointment to speak with and advisor.

  1. A "Background Form" will be sent to you.
  2. Complete the form, make sure it is initialed and signed, then fax the form back to us. 
  3. We will contact the prospective student and arrange an appoint to come onto the base to visit an advisor.
  4. VSU Office will notify the PASS & ID the day of your appointment
  5. The prospective student will need to stop at PASS & ID / Stimson Gate to receive a "One Day Pass".


Coming Onto Base  - Which Gate should you use?

VSU students should use the Stimson Gate. This is the gate without the submarine in front of it.







Inbound Stimson 0500 to 1830 Mon - Fri
Inbound / Outbound Stimson 0800 to 1700 Sat
Outbound (after class use this gate) Franklin after 1830 Mon - Thur
Inbound / Outbound Stimson 0800 to 1700 Holiday





Background Check needed prior to coming onto Base!


Please Note for Weekend Classes:

**Allow at least 1 week prior to coming onto base for your approval to get back. If you are attending a Friday night class your background consent form should be in our office no later than the Friday morning the week prior! It has to have time to process before the first weekend that you will be attending class. The earlier the better! Please call our office if you have any questions! Check with our officel to see if your "Background Consent" has been received and approved. Office phone 912-882-6573

The Pass & ID closes at 3:00 pm on Friday so plan to pick up your "Base Pass" no later than 2:30pm on Friday. You should plan to arrive early in order to receive your badge for entering the base the first night of class.

You Need the Following Information to Drive on Base!

Don't forget Background Approval needs to be renewed each year!

1. Current / Valid Driver’s License

2. Current proof of vehicle insurance

3. Registration to the vehicle that is being driven on base

Click here to open and complete the form   

You must use two forms of Identification to complete this form:

       1) Most commonly used ID's are your SSN and Driver's License. Don't forget to include the state. Passports can also be used,

       2) complete the form on line and then print,

       3) after printing, initial and sign the 2nd page. Initialing and signature are both required before approval can be made!

       4) you may fax the request form to the office using this fax number 912-882-9566.

(PDF document, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and takes a few minutes to download)   


VSU - Kings Bay will take the following actions in Case of Emergency  or Inclement Weather Updates:

If classes are canceled we will attempt to post information on the web page as quickly as possible.

  • Inclement Weather:
    • If there is inclement weather such as an afternoon storm, classes will be held unless the base closes the gate.
    • Tropical Storm Watch / Warning & Hurricane warning / watches will be at the decision of the base and local emergency management to determine if classes will be held or not.
  • Base Closure: (Periodically the base will close the gate for training.)
    • Check both gates, if you arrive at the gate at 5:30 or later, then you will be considered absent from your class. Classes start at 5:30, getting through the gate is comparable to driving through peak traffic times. 
  • Remember, Give Yourself Ample Time to Arrive Promptly to your Class.


Updated 4/2015