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Cost of VSU Tuition

How to Become a Transient Student to VSU

Financial Aid Information for Transient Students

How to Pay Tuition

Course Registration and Final Grades

Cost of VSU Tuition:

If study abroad courses are the only classes that you will be taking during the entire summer at VSU, then you will pay the current tuition rate and the institutional fee. Student fees such as Health, Athletic, Technology, etc are waived as you will not be on campus to use those services. 

  • Tuition for this academic year is $165.80 for undergrads and $230 for grads per credit hour
  • Institutional fee for this year is $147.50 for 4 or fewer hours or $295 for 5 or more total hours.

 So an undergraduate taking two courses abroad will pay $1289.80:

($165.80 x 6 credit hours = $994.8 tuition) + ($295 institutional fee)= $1289.80

Please note this important additional info! If you take courses at Valdosta State during the summer in addition to your study abroad classes, then all student fees will be charged to your account (again, this includes Health, Athletic,  Technology, etc).

Please follow the links below for a chart that breaks down tuition payment. 



How to Become a Transient Student to VSU

You will need to apply to Valdosta State University as a transient student for summer semester 2014. You can do this by visiting the link below. If you need assistants, please contact the admissions office directly as I do not have access to that information. You can contact them at (229) 333-5791.  Please remember to submit a copy of your driver’s license along with your application for proof of lawful presence.

One document that is needed to become a transient student is a “Transient Permission Letter”. This letter needs to be prepared by your home institution and mailed in with your transient application form. (Some institutions refer to this as the "letter of good standing") This can be obtained from your home institutions' registrar office.

As soon as you start the transient process, you will receive an 870, VSU Student ID number. As soon as you receive this number, please give it to me and also keep it in a safe place so you can find it later. You will need this number to login to pay for your tuition and to have your transcripts sent to your home university.

For more information on becoming a transient student to Valdosta State University, please visit VSU's Admissions webiste

Financial Aid Information for Transient Students

  • Transients who are Hope eligible will have to complete the appropriate paperwork between the financial aid office at the home institution and the VSU financial aid office.  Once this process is complete and the student is actually registered for the study abroad class, the VSU financial aid office should show the authorized amount of Hope funds available and the student will need to pay the remaining student account balance by the appropriate fee payment deadline. You can contact the VSU financial aid office at (229) 333-5935  
  • Transients who receive other types of financial aid have to pay VSU up front by the appropriate fee payment deadline, and then have their financial aid office pay them whatever financial aid they are eligible for.

 No fees will be assessed to your account until you are actually registered for a class.

How to Pay Tuition:

To pay tuition, you will need to log into Banner via the “Online Student Account Center”. To do this, you will need to follow the link below and click on the orange button on the right of the page. 

To log in, you will use VSU ID number (starts with 870) as your username and your default password which should be your 8 digit birthdate. If you were born on May 23, 1992 your default password should be 05231992.

If you have any questions, please contact VSU’s Bursary Office directly at (229) 333-5725.

Course Registration and Final Grades:  

  1. The European Council office will register you for classes at Valdosta State University. 
  1. Upon return from your program, you will need to request that your academic transcripts be sent from Valdosta State to your home institution. You will personally need to call the VSU registrar’s office at (229) 333-5727 to have them sent.