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About the Program

London, one of the most culturally diverse and most fascinating cities in the world, is a city steeped in history that has inspired artists, writers, and students for centuries. As a participant in this program you can spend a summer studying and living in the historic Bloomsbury district of London in close proximity to some of the world's finest museums and cultural sites.  In the London study abroad program, you will live in the part of this great city that has housed William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolfe, and other great writers.  You will be minutes away from the theatre district and Trafalgar Square, and within walking distance of the British Museum and its extraordinary collections.  You can explore London's vast and beautiful parks- Hyde Park, St. James, and Green Park- and walk along the Thames toward Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament.  London also offers quick access to all major cities in Europe.

Dates: June 25 to July 30

Cost: $5700

The package cost of $5700 for the five week program includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare between Atlanta and London
  • Accommodations at University College London
  • Free, three day weekends
  • Weekly Tesco grocery card
  • Train excursion to Hampton Court
  • Jack the Ripper walk
  • Unlimited travel on the metro system
  • A primary health insurance policy providing coverage for medical expenses

The package cost does not include tuition, textbooks, extra meals, entrance fees, and weekend travel expenses, passport and related expenses, spending money, ground transport to and from the U.S. airport through which flights will be scheduled, or any other costs beyond those listed above

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Program Information & Course Structure


The London Study Program is based at the University College London, in central London.  Four London underground stations are within a walk of 5-10 minutes which connects students to the entire city. The location is also a short walk from Oxford Street and its fashionable shops.  Cafes, restaurants, pubs, and grocery stores surround the UCL campus.

To visit UCL’s website go to

Courses in London carry three semester hours of credit. Students take one or two three-hour courses with courses meeting in the classroom twice a week and required field trips on MOndays and Wednesdays. Students will have three day weekends to enjoy the London life, travel to other cities in England or explore other European countries. France, Ireland, and Scotland are just few hours away!


Phone booth

Students have a private room at the University College of London (UCL), with a hall bath on each floor. A towel and bed linens are furnished. A security guard is always on duty when the building is open and the front desk is staffed twenty-four hours a day. Each room contains a refrigerator, allowing students to store food for easy, affordable meals and snacks. Each floor of the dorm has a small communal kitchens as well. The program package includes a weekly Tesco grocery card which allows students to purchase food they enjoy eating that can easily be cooked in the dorms. 

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Courses in the 2016 London Study Program are part of the regular offerings of member institutions; therefore, students may apply for loans or grants for which they would normally be eligible. Students should apply for financial aid at the campus where they are registering for courses. Campus representatives will assist students in obtaining information about financial aid. Students must meet all campus requirements in applying for financial aid.

star warsStudents should plan to budget a minimum of $2,000 for extra meals, entrance fees, and evening entertainment. If students plan extended travel or major shopping, additional funds should be budgeted. Some course excursions might involve additional fees and this is especially true for students in theater classes; course instructors will inform students if such fees apply at the mandatory student orientation on May 14.

All costs are subject to change because of unanticipated increases in airfares or other program elements or fluctuations in monetary exchange rates. The European Council will make every effort to keep program costs as advertised and will inform prospective participants of any changes as they occur.

Payment Schedule: 

March 9, 2016
Application form and $300 non-refundable application fee due
March 9, 2016
 First payment of $2,700 due
April 7, 2016
Final payment of $2,700 due

Total: $5700 


Students’ application fee, deposits and other payments are applied towards required advances, purchase of airline tickets, and other costs related to the program. Note that the $300 application fee is non-refundable and covers processing and reservation fees; it cannot be transferred to a subsequent year.

london love

Participants who withdraw from a program after the application deadline receive a refund according to the schedule below. Please note that all withdrawals must be emailed to the EC Coordinator, Beverly Vantine, at AND to the student’s campus representative at the home institution.

Refund Schedule 

group by fountain

Withdrawal before Feb 2

all but $300 will be refunded

Withdrawal between Feb 3 and Feb 18

all but $500 will be refunded

Withdrawal between Feb 19 and March 2

all but $850 will be refunded

Withdrawal between March 3 and March 30

all but $2000 will be refunded

Withdrawal after March 30

No money will be refunded

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Important deadlines:

      • March 9th- Application Due (spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis and students are encouraged to apply early)
      • March 9th- First Payment
      • April 7th - Final Payment
      • April 14th - 2 passport photos are due  (late fees apply, see below for details). Photos MUST be passport photos that adhere to the passport agency’s rules and regulations for photos. Photos that are submitted that do not comply with these rules will be denied and late fees will still apply. Please visit the Department of State’s website for detailed passport information.
      •  April 14th - An electronic copy of your passport is due. Faxed and Mailed copies are not accepted. (see late fee schedule below)

      • May 14th- There is an all-day*Mandatory* student orientation in Macon Middle Georgia State College. This meeting starts at 9am and is over at 4pm. Students who fail to attend will be penalized by dropping  the final grades for study abroad courses by an entire letter; if you receive an “A” in the course, the grade of “B” will be submitted to your home institution as your final grade.

Late Fees for Passports & Photo

Items received between Apr 15- Apr 24

$25 late fee

Items received between Apr 25 – May 4

$50 late fee

Items received between May 5 – May 11

$75 late fee

Items received on May 12th or after

Will be charged the $75 late fee and an additional $5/day.

Flight Deviation/Separate Airfare

Airfare is included in the price of the program. However, if you wish to arrive to London sooner, or stay later, there is a *possibility* that you can do this at an additional expense to you. Students are also allowed to do 100% of their own airfare however in order to keep our group rate only a certain number of students may do this and must receive authorization from the EC coordinator. If you are given permission to do your own airfare there will be a deduction in your SECOND payment. All deviation and separate airfare request must be submitted by April 7th and these opportunities are provided on a first come first serve basis. All requests submitted after April 7th will be denied.

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Course Descriptions

UD- Upper Division     LD-Lower Division

Morning Courses

(Choose only one)

British Literature I (LD)

Dr. Erin Campbell (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural) 

Make the pilgrimage to Canterbury. Watch swans paddle upon the Avon, and witness the rural and urban landscapes that fed Shakespeare’s imagination. View the original Beowulf manuscript, read a Gutenberg bible, enjoy live Shakespeare productions in the Globe. In this British Literature I Study Abroad Program, students will immerse themselves in the landscapes of British literature, from the urban intellectual center of London to medieval York and Shakespeare’s Warwickshire to King Arthur’s Tintagel in Cornwall. Students will read major works of British Literature from Beowulf through the 18th Century and experience the locales, cultures and language evoked by the literature.

Abby Road

Introductory Biology (LD)

Dr. Jeffrey Mohr (Middle Georgia State)

From Charles Darwin to the Cliffs of Dover, earn non-majors credit for Introductory Biology. Walk in Darwin’s footsteps as we visit his home where he took almost 30 years to develop his ideas on Natural Selection. Read his writings in the British Natural History Museum and see the specimens he collected throughout his famous Voyage of the Beagle. See the sights of the countryside as we observe and learn about the different organisms Britain has to offer.

World Civilization since 1500 (LD) 

Dr. Johanna Luthman (North Georgia)

This course will give you an overview of the world’s civilizations from 1500 to present. It aims to acquaint you with the major social, cultural, economic, and political developments that make the world what it is today. We will seek to explain the initial rise of the west during this period as well as the western crisis of the twentieth century by looking at developments throughout the world. Through the fieldtrips you will get to experience world history from the British perspective as well as encounter people and artifacts from all over the globe. 

Students with ActorTheater Appreciation (LD)

Dr. Sarah McCarroll (Georgia Southern)

This course seeks to answer the questions “What is theater?” and “Why is theater important?” by examining the elements that make up a theatrical production and the artists who create theater. We’ll examine theatrical design, acting, directing with an eye toward how theater is expressive of culture and society. The class will tour theaters, see productions, and use museum research. There may be additional field trip charges due to the price of theater tickets.

Watercolor (UD)

Prof. Margee Bright-Ragland (Georgia Perimeter College)

Experience painting in watercolor as you explore the dynamic atmosphere of London. Join our watercolor class as we capture the historic sites, museums, churches, parks, squares and people of London. This course will give the students a basic foundation in the watercolor medium as we record the images of our experiences studying in Britain. The course is designed for all levels of students. Beginning painters as well as serious artists are welcome. NOTE: Students may be required to purchase art supplies for the course. Students will receive a list and cost estimate at the mandatory orientation in May. 

Cultural Diversity (UD or Graduate)

Dr. Lee Grimes (Valdosta State University)

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, a global center of culture.  In this course students will enjoy the cultural feast of contemporary London while examining the city’s diversity inside and outside the classroom. Experience the cultural diversity of London, both as a showcase for the past and as a microcosm of the modern world. The cultural context of relationships, issues, and trends will be explored as students gain cultural insights through fieldtrips to such places as ethnic markets and neighborhoods, museums, and the theatre.


Women in U.S. Politics (UD)

Dr. Elizabeth Gordon (Kennesaw State)

In this course, students will learn how gender issues impact campaign and voting behavior, governing, political media coverage, political movements, and public policy in the United States. A comparative study of British women's political history and experience will help illuminate the impact of context on women's political achievements and goals. Fieldtrips will include trips to the Women's Library at London Metropolitan University, Museum of London Suffrage collection, LSE Gender Institute. Houses of Parliament, Suffragette Walks in London, through the Sylvia Pankhurst Trust, and the Margaret Thatcher Center.

History of Computing & Security (UD)

Prof. Herbert Mattord (Kennesaw State University)

The class is the study of the history of computing and information security and the role of computing in society. The course will allow students to learn the history, present practices, and future trends found in computing and security. It has planned excursions to various historical and modern institutions and organizations that study and use IT and security related computing systems. Thematic approaches include: Green Computing, Business Uses of Information Systems, Social Impact of Computing, and the History of Computer Science. This course may be taken at the graduate level depending on the student’s program of study.

Afternoon Courses

(Choose only one)

Shakespeare (UD)

Dr. Erin Campbell (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural)

Summer 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. What better time to study the literary world of Shakespeare than in the material world of British places which inspired his genius? Examining major comedies, tragedies, and histories will illuminate the historical, cultural, political, and social contexts of early Modern England. Textual choices will be supported by professional performances at the Globe and other venues in London, and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s season in its three theatres in Stratford-upon-Avon. Students will read, speak, and breathe Shakespeare upon his native soil. There may be additional field trip charges due to the price of theater tickets.

Special Topics: Evolutionary Biology and British Natural History (UD)

Dr. Jeffrey Mohr (Middle Georgia State)

With his publication of The Origin of Species in 1859, Charles Darwin placed London at the epicenter of evolutionary thought and theory.  This course will explore Darwin’s original concept of natural selection and discuss the evolution of the theory to its present state.  Possible field trips include visits to his home as well as the British Natural History Museum where we will see his writings and behold the specimens he collected throughout his famous Voyage of the Beagle.  Additionally, we will explore the sights around London and learn about the different organisms Britain has to offer.

Tudor England (UD)

Dr. Johanna Luthman (North Georgia)

Henry VIII, who wanted to divorce his wife so badly that he changed religion, and who ended up killing a couple of his numerous brides along the way. Bloody Mary, who condemned Protestants to the fire. Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, who refused to share her power with any man. Many have heard the stories about the Tudor monarchs in 16th century England. In this course, we will walk in the foot-steps of the Tudors, learn about the political, religious, social, and cultural context to these stories, and other aspects of the history of the British Isles under the Tudor monarchs.

Group with Actors

Drama in Performance (UD)

Dr. Sarah McCarroll (Georgia Southern)

This course will immerse students in Shakespearean performance, the practice and conventions of Elizabethan theatre, and the implications of resetting Shakespeare's plays to new historical moments. The course will focus on understanding the framework of Elizabethan drama, including the influence of staging conventions on text, the use of verse, and the development of character types. Attendance at London's world-class performing venues, such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre, and Shakespeare's Globe, will provide opportunities to apply course material to deep analysis of Shakespeare's plays in performance. There may be additional field trip charges due to the price of theater tickets.

Art Appreciation (LD)

Prof. Margee Bright-Ragland

Please join us in our exploration of the visual arts in London and Great Britain. Our field trips include visits to excellent museums, galleries and historic sites. Join us as we experience works from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome as well outstanding contemporary art. Let art and architecture come alive for you in Great Britain.

Introduction to Psychology (LD)

Dr. Lee Grimes (Valdosta State University)

Introduction to Psychology is an entry-level general survey course designed to introduce the student to fundamental methods and content of contemporary psychology. This course offers students an insight into human behavior and will review concepts that explain personality development. Time will be spent together on significant field trips that are designed to make the people and places of psychology into memorable experiences for the student.


American Government in a Global Perspective (LD)

Dr. Elizabeth Gordon (Kennesaw State)

In this course, students will learn the basics of American politics and government, with a special emphasis on America’s British political and legal heritage and the similarities and differences in the political development of the two nations. Fieldtrips to such places as the Houses of Parliament, British Library, British Museum, #10 Downing St., Speaker’s Corner, and the Royal Courts of Justice will engage students in an international experience that will allow students to expand their political understanding and interpretation of domestic affairs.

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Apply to the Program

Directions on how to apply: 

  1. Download and complete the European Council application
  2. Turn the application to your campus representative. If you do not know who your representative is click here
  3. After you submit your application to your campus rep, please pay the $300 non-refundable application fee.

*Campus representatives forward completed applications to the program office at Valdosta State University.  Applications will not be processed by the EC office until both the application form (approved by the campus representative) and the $300 application fee are received.

** Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis according to the date of receipt of the application and application fee. Students are encouraged to apply well in advance of the application deadline to assure them of a place in the program as some programs will fill as early as November. Once a program is full, students will be placed on the waitlist. Please do not be discouraged if you’re placed on the waitlist as we always anticipate a 15% drop.

White Cliffs of Dover


  1. Any full-time or part-time student is eligible to participate in the program as long as the student will be 18 years of age by the time of departure. 
  2. Students must be in good academic standing in order to be admitted to the program. Completion of an application form does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Note also that individual campuses may require letters of reference or other information beyond that required by the European Council. 
  3. Students from institutions that are not part of the University System of Georgia must become a transient student at Valdosta State University. Click here for information on becoming a transient at Valdosta State University

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Health Matters and Insurance

Participants are provided with health-care from CISI insurance (Cultural Insurance Services International) that covers them while they are abroad. Information about local doctors and medical facilities will be available from the program director.

Students with special medical problems may be required to provide a physician's assurance of their ability to undertake foreign travel and study. It is not possible for the European Council to guarantee accessible facilities abroad for students with special needs.

Participants should bring medications they regularly depend upon and should have copies of prescriptions in generic form in case they need to acquire additional medications. 

No special immunizations are needed to enter France, and the International Immunization Certificate is not required.

Harry Potter

Passports and Visas

Everyone who travels to England must have a valid passport. Participants with expired passports should have them renewed. Participants who have never had a passport should begin the process of obtaining one immediately as it can take more than 3 months to get a passport and sometimes require an appointment made well in advance. Inquire at your local post office for instructions on obtaining a passport.

Holders of U.S. passports do not need visas to enter London for summer study. Participants traveling on passports of other countries should contact their campus representative for assistance in determining whether they need a visa.

British Soldiers

Some countries require that your passport be valid at least three (3) months beyond the dates of your trip. Some airlines will not allow you to board if this requirement is not met.

Please visit the Department of State’s website for more information on how to apply for a passport. Students are required to turn in a copy of their passport by April 14th, 2016 to avoid late fees, please see "Deadlines" for details.

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What Students Have To Say

Be open to everything! Have ideas in your head of what you want to do but don’t plan out every single day. You’ll make friends so make sure you do things as a group.

We really did get to see a lot of different things that most tours overlook. The teachers were able to incorporate their lessons with what we saw which livened up our learning experience.

Make sure you do the most you can, London is an unbelievable city Try and explore the city it doesn't matter if you get lost it is part of the experience And most have the time of your life because you never know when you will be back

Save up your money.

Bring a good pair of shoes, and clothes that can be worn many ways.

Be smart with money.

The balance of field trips, classes, and free time was the perfect way to do this trip. It allowed us to see everything we wanted to see, but still gave us a different view of London through the field trips

Have fun! Do your homework, go to class, and enjoy your time in London! Don’t be a hermit and sit in your room. Make friends and explore!

Take the walking tours & to try and go on the planned weekend trips.

You can truly wear whatever in London, just dress warmer.

Try to book trips in advance with people to save money and definitely get the Britrail; it saved me lots of money and also don’t over pack because you will buy a lot of souvenirs here.

Just go.

 Any full-time or part-time student is eligible to participate in the program as long as the student will be 18 years of age by the time of departure.  Students from institutions that are not part of the University System of Georgia must become a transient student at Valdosta State University. Click here for information on becoming a transient at Valdosta State University

An application form is available above; copies of the form are also available from campus representatives listed on this site. Completed applications should be submitted to the campus representatives, along with a required application fee of $300 (to be paid online). Campus representatives forward completed applications to the program office at Valdosta State University.  Applications will not be processed by the EC office until both the application form (approved by the campus representative) and the $300 application fee are received.


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Contact Us

Beverly Vantine

European Council Coordinator

Dr. Teddi Cunningham (Valdosta State University)

London Program Co-Director

Dr. Herb Mattord (Kennesaw State University)

London Program Co-Director