Costs of Study and Living in the USA

U.S. Immigration Law requires you to show proof that you have sufficient funds available for your academic and living expenses. $22,218 is the estimated minimum funds needed for a nine-month academic year based on 2015-2016 school-year expenses at the English Language Institute at Valdosta State University (see below). If you are coming for less than a year, you should estimate about $5500 for each two month period of study.

Tuition & Fees - $8,000.00 (4 sessions of ELI)

Living Expenses (Freshman Dormitory & Cafeteria -21 meals per week) - $8,898.00

Health Center Fee - $300

Recreation Center Fee - $180

Health Insurance - $1320.00

Miscellaneous Personal Expenses (transportation, entertainment, etc.) $4,000.00

Total - $22,698.00

*Students must show funding for a minimum of two sessions, except in special situations such as summer or winter break study programs.  If you intend to come for only two sessions, the minimum required funding is $11,349.00

Family Expenses - If you are married and plan to bring your spouse and/or children, you must also certify at least $5,000 for your spouse or first dependent and $2,000 per year for each additional child. In addition, health insurance for international students is required and is strongly recommended for dependents.

ELI Costs per Term

Tuition for one term of full-time study at the ELI is $2000 plus the mandatory health insurance fees, health center access fees, recreation center access fees, and book fees.  Full-time students will be enrolled in four classes and will study five hours every day from Monday to Thursday, and four hours on Friday, for a total of 24 hours of instruction every week.

Students not enrolled full-time pay per-class costs below:

* Reading:             $500 (one-hour block)

*Writing:               $500 (one-hour block)

* Conversation:      $500 (one hour block)

* Grammar :          $500 (one-hour block)

Students must pay all tuition and fees by the first Friday of the session.  If students have not paid by the end of the second week, a $50 late fee will be applied.  

Living Expenses in Valdosta, Georgia

The cost of living in Valdosta is relatively inexpensive because of the low cost of housing. Housing estimates are based on the cost of living in the dormitory at VSU. However, housing around the campus in local apartment complexes can be relatively inexpensive. The average cost of an unfurnished two-bedroom apartment is about $650 per month plus utilities.