Critical Languages

Dear VSU Faculty, Staff and Students,   

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages jointly with the Center for International Programs is offering the following courses for the Fall 2013 semester.  These courses will be taught at the Center for International Programs located at 204 E. Georgia Ave. (beside the Student Health Center).  

Arabic 1001 (3)– Beg. Arabic Lang./Culture I   MWF 10-10:50am  CRN  21591  Listed under INTL 3170 
Arabic 1002 (3)– Beg. Arabic Lang./Culture II   MWF  11-11:50am  CRN  21592  Listed under INTL 3170 
Arabic 2002 (3)– Int. Arabic Lang./Culture II  MW  3:30-4:45pm  CRN 21593   Listed under INTL 3170 

INTL 2090 (3)–   Intro. International Studies   T 5pm-7:45pm  (Required for International Studies Minor)  CRN  22760  Listed under INTL 2090  

JAPN 1002 (3)– Beg. Japanese Lang./Culture II   MWF  12-12:50pm  CRN  21594  Listed under Japanese 
JAPN 2002 (3)-  Int. Japanese Lang./Culture II   M/W  5-6:15pm  CRN  21595  Listed under Japanese  

KOREAN 1(3)– Beg. Korean Lang/Culture I MW 2-3:15pm CRN 22763 Listed under INTL 3170

RUSS 1001(3) – Beg. Russian Lang./ Intro. Culture I   T/Th 9:30-10:45am  CRN  21604  Listed under Russian 
RUSS 1002 (3)– Beg. Russian Lang./Intro. Culture II   T/Th  11-12:15 pm  CRN  21605  Listed under Russian 
RUSS 2001 (3)– Int. Russian Lang./Culture I   T/Th   12:30-1:45pm  CRN  21606  Listed under Russian 
RUSS 2002  (3) – Int. Russian Lang./Culture II  MW   5-6:15pm  CRN  21607  Listed under Russian     

All of these courses are three credit hours and will satisfy foreign language requirements.  If you would like additional information, please contact the Center for International Programs at 333-7410.