VSU Summer Study Program: Study French in Senegal

Spend 3 weeks in Senegal immersed in the French language and Senegalese culture. Get six hours of credit while experiencing Africa! It is a three-week long tour, the scope of which embraces the french language study as West Africa culture, literature, and history. The main goal of this program is to help students improve their French language skills, learn about the country, and broaden their perspective on African history, culture, and literature.

Duration: June 1 —June 28, 2015
:  Dakar, Senegal
Cost: $ 4,500 plus VSU tuition and fees. If you are taking only summer study abroad courses you will be charged tuition for the number of credit hours you take plus $295 institutional fee. If you take 4 credit hours or less on study abroad, you will only be charged half of the institutional fee ( $147.50).  The program cost includes stay with a host family, excursions, most meals, and airfare.

Courses offered:

  • AFAM 3600 African Literature and Diaspora
  • ANTH 3090 Cultural Anthropological Approaches to Africa
  • ANTH 4900 Special Topics Anthropology
  • FREN 1001 or 1002 Beginning French
  • FREN 2001 or 2002 Intermediate French
  • FREN 3260 Survey of Francophone Literature
  • HIST 3600 Special Topic African History
  • NURS 3050/5050 Transcultural Approaches to Care
  • PERS 2599 African Popular Cultures


For more information please contact:

Dr. Babacar Mboup
(229) 333-5948

Irina McClellan  
(229) 333-7410