Graduate Faculty Application

Application Deadlines:

Complete packets must be submitted to the Graduate School by:

FALL 2014 - 3:00 pm, Friday, September 12, 2014

SPRING 2015 - 3:00 pm, Friday, February 13, 2015

Instructions for Graduate Faculty Status Applications:


Each candidate for graduate faculty status must submit an application form containing all the relevant material needed by the Committee to evaluate the applicant's status.  Each item listed below should be addressed in the order it appears, using this form.  Complete explanations of each term can be found at the Categories and Terms of Status.  Supporting documentation,consisting of a current vita and a copy of the student evaluation questions (SOIs) or include a table showing averages in the narrative, should be appended to the application form.  Do not append any other material to the application. For copying purposes, please submit using a manila folder or one large binding clip - do not staple or use multiple paperclips or 3-ring binders.

Packets must be forwarded first to department heads and then to college deans for supporting memos before arriving at the Graduate School.

1. Applicant's Name:

2. Department:

3. College:

4. Highest degree held/Date of highest degree:

5. Academic rank:

6. Teaching Evaluation:  You must include student evaluation (SOI) numerical results in a table as a part of the narrative.  If peer evaluations are used in your department, you may include them, or ask your department head to include a summary in his or her nominating letter.

Self-evaluation of teaching.

Student evaluation of teaching. (Please include numerical results in table form and a sampling of student comments from SOIs in this section.)

7. Scholarly publications, creative endeavors (in appropriate discipline), and externally funded grants during last six years (provide complete bibliographic entry, including page numbers). 

8. Paper presentations at professional meetings for last six years (title of papers, name of professional meeting, date).

9. Professional involvement and service to discipline during last six years.

10. Service to graduate education at VSU during last six years.


Incomplete application forms/packets will not be considered by the Committee.

Do not include "Criteria" with packet - just Items 1-10 as outlined above.