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  • Online classes - these classes run all year long. Click here for a schedule of session dates.

Creative Explorations

The Joy of Singing

Myth: Some people can’t sing.

Truth: Singing is a learned skill and our dynamic instructor will help you find your unique voice!

Discover how the human voice works as you practice proper posture and breathing techniques. Explore your vocal range, learn how to project your voice (resonance), and much more in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. You will learn lots of exercises, tips, and techniques and gain confidence to sing out loud and strong. 

Instructor Ronda Paoletti is a teacher of applied voice and professional singer of opera, oratorio, and musical theater. Read Ronda's bio for details on her training and professional experience.

5 Mon     June 1 – 29     6:30 – 8 PM     $99


Belly Dance for Beginners

Discover the mystery, creativity, and beauty of belly dance. All you need are comfortable clothes, bare feet or socks, and your adventurous spirit. Learn core movements, how to move individual parts of your body independently (isolations), and basic traveling steps. Put them all together and you are belly dancing! Have fun and get great exercise in a comfortable, relaxed environment. (No sneakers or rubber-soled shoes.)

Instructor Megan Slator has 15+ years of experience teaching belly dance. She is a full-time staff member in VSU’s Department of Math & Computer Science.

6 Tues     June 16 – July 21     6:30 – 7:30 PM      $79


Clay Sculpture: Hand Building & Slab Building

All you need is a ball of clay in your hands to create a beautiful piece of art. Learn the process of slab building as you explore making pinch pots and coil pottery from flat coils. Discover how to use a paper plate as a press mold and make square slab pots with great textures. If you want more instant gratification than you can get from a pottery wheel, slab building is a great way to go!

Special note: Clay and basic tools are provided. Check back for a list of additional supplies.

15APEL01     Thurs/Tues/Thurs     August 13, 18 & 20      6 - 8 PM      $119 (clay and basic tools included)

Location:  Regional Center for Continuing Education


Professional Development

Food Safety Manager Certification Class & Exam

  • One-day training by a certified instructor
  • Class concludes with administration of the online certification exam
  • Pass/Fail results available immediately
  • Textbook and exam materials included
  • Classes are taught in English; multilingual textbooks and test materials are available

Summer class is TBA.

Location: Regional Center for Continuing EducationInstructor: Sue Bailey

Please note: We cannot guarantee a passing score; however, evidence shows that studying ahead of class improves chances of successful completion of the exam.

ServSafe Exam-Only Sessions

Computer-based Online Exams

For individuals seeking a proctor only:

  • Who have completed the ServSafe food safety online course.

  • Are retaking the ServSafe exam.

  • Or are non-English speakers doing self-study in their preferred language.

Exam-only sessions are held on the second Tuesday of the month in the Continuing Education Annex Computer Lab. See the table below for exact dates and times.

Date Time
May 12 9 AM
June 9 9 AM
July 14 9 AM

To ensure you are prepared for the online exam, please read the following important information:

  • Exams are online but must be taken onsite with a proctor. (Online exams available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.)  
  • Unofficial Pass/Fail results are available immediately upon completion of the exam. 
  • Registrants are responsible for purchasing their textbook with online exam voucher or online course and an exam voucher (sold separately) from the ServSafe website. (Contact Sue Bailey at 229-245-6484 for questions or instructions.) 

Location: Regional Center for Continuing Education 
Proctor: Sue Bailey
Fee: Exam Only Registration Fee - $75 - Fee does not include textbook or exam voucher.