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Creative Expression


Paint a Watercolor Landscape

Practice a variety of watercolor techniques as you create your own beautiful and unique landscape painting in this beginner level class. Supplies not included. Supply list will be mailed with your registration receipt or you may print the pdf: Watercolor Landscape Supply List.  Instructor Angie Faber teaches art at Valdosta Middle School.

16APEL02     4 Thurs     Sept 24 – Oct 5     6 – 8:30 PM     $99 ($115 after Sept 21)     Supplies not included.


Intuitive Drawing

Combine basic drawing tools and materials with creative ways of seeing as you learn the fundamentals of drawing. Increase skills in seeing and drawing edges, spaces, perspective, shading, and more. Supply list will be mailed with registration receipt or you may print the pdf - Intuitive Drawing Supply List. Instructor David Rodgers holds master’s degrees in Fine Arts and Interior Design.

16APEL04     5 Tues     Sept 22 – Oct 20     6:30 – 8:30 PM     $109 ($125 after Sept 17)     Supplies not included.


Chiaroscuro Painting: Still Life in Water-Based Media

Experiment with the chiaroscuro painting technique – a strong contrast of light and dark with deep shadows and brilliant highlights. Choice of water-based paint is up to you: tempura, gouache, watercolor, or acrylic. Create a new still life during each session. Supply list will be mailed with registration receipt or you may print it the pdf: Chiaroscuro Supply List. Instructor Ray Noll’s art can be seen at his website,

16FPEL03     4 Mon     Oct 5 – 26     6 – 8 PM     $99 ($115 after Sept 30)     Supplies not included.


Introduction to Pen & Ink Illustration

Delve into the fantastic and fun world of pen and ink illustration! Learn pen and ink drawing techniques to create all kinds of illustrations: comics, graphic novel, biology, and traditional. Some drawing ability a plus. Supply list will be mailed with registration receipt or you may print the pdf: Pen & Ink Supply List. Instructor Ray Noll’s art can be seen at his website,

16FPEL02     4 Mon     Nov 9 – Dec 7 (No class Nov 23)     6 - 8 PM     $99 ($115 after Nov 4)     Supplies not included.


Kumihimo (Japanese Braided Jewelry)

Create beautiful cords from fibers and beads. Using the ancient Japanese art of kumihimo, learn to braid these cords and turn them into a necklace by adding a clasp and pendant. Tools and materials provided. Maximum of 10 students. Instructor Lou Schneider is owner of Rosebud Jewelry & Crafts.

16FLIR      Mon     Oct 5     12 – 4 PM     $79 ($89 after Sept 30)


Make a Woven Pearl Bracelet

Make a gorgeous bracelet using a right-angle weave with pearls and bicone crystals that is smooth and comfortable to wear. Tools and materials provided. Maximum of 10 students. Instructor Lou Schneider is owner of Rosebud Jewelry & Crafts.

16FLIR      Mon     Oct 19     12 – 4 PM     $79 ($89 after Oct 14)


Everyday Living

Do-It-Yourself Bike Maintenance

In this hands-on workshop, find out how to maintain your bike to keep it in shape. You will learn:

  • Names and functions of bicycle components
  • How to patch tubes and change tires
  • How to adjust derailleurs/gears and brakes
  • How to change cables and housing and much more!

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to keep their bike in tip top shape. A knowledge of basic hand tools and simple machines is helpful, but not required.

You may bring your own bike and tools. The instructor will provide bikes and tools to work on. Instructor Joel Dion is founder of Krank It Up!, a Tallahassee community bike project for building and repairing bikes.

16FPEL08     4 Mon     Oct 26 - Nov 16     6 - 7:30 PM    $59 ($69 after Oct 21)


Beat the Heat Gardening

"Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are." (Alfred Austin, English poet)

Learn about the variety of plants that can "take the heat" here in South Georgia and are easy to manage. Next, explore what your plants “say” about your yard. Get creative without turning your yard into a maintenance nightmare. Instructor Bobby Flowers is VSU’s Horticulturalist and a Georgia Certified Landscape Professional.

16APEL05     Tues    Sept 22     6 - 7:30 PM     $15 ($20 after Sept 17)


Winterize Your Landscape

Even in South Georgia gardeners need to winterize landscapes and gardens. Learn tips and techniques to put your garden “to bed” properly to ensure your plants will survive cold weather and flower beautifully next spring. Instructor Bobby Flowers is VSU’s Horticulturalist and a Georgia Certified Landscape Professional.

16FPEL04     Tues     Oct 6     6 – 7:30 PM     $15 ($20 after Oct 1)


Chickens in Your Backyard!

Raising a small flock of chickens in your backyard is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Learn about the time, equipment, and maintenance involved in raising chickens from chicks to adult birds, including how to build a chicken coop. Instructor Anne Price is a member of South Georgia Permaculture Guild and has raised chickens for eggs for 5 years.

16APEL06     3 Thurs    Sept 24 – Oct 8     6:30 – 8 PM      $39 ($49 after Sept 21)


Rain Barrels & Gray Water

Learn how to reduce your water bill and your environmental impact by using recycled water to water your garden. Build your own rain barrel in the first session! Materials included. Instructors Ariel Godwin and Anne Price are members of the South Georgia Permaculture Guild.

16FPEL05     2 Tues     Oct 20 & 27     6:30 – 8 PM     $59 ($69 after Oct 15)     Rain barrel building materials included.


Money Management: Best Practices for Budgeting & Increasing Your Income

Learn different ways to manage your income and expenses, establish and maintain a good credit score, buy or rent a home, buy or lease a car, save for retirement, and further your career. Participants should have basic computer skills, knowledge of household income and expenses, and an email address. Instructor Amelia Reams is a programmer analyst at VSU and a small business owner/operator.

16APEL03     4 Tues     Sept 22 – Oct 13     6 – 7:30 PM     $69 ($79 after Sept 17)


How to Sell on eBay

Do you want to start your own eBay business or just make some extra money? Learn tips, techniques, and tools to sell to over 145 million registered buyers worldwide. Instructor Paul Leavy is VSU’s photographer and an experienced eBay entrepreneur.

16FPEL07     2 Thurs     Oct 8 & 15     6 – 8 PM     $39 ($49 after Oct 5)


Language & Communication

Survival Sign Language

Open the doors of communication and explore basic survival sign language. You will be introduced to Deaf culture and etiquette while you learn finger spelling, basic signs, common phrases, and grasp general concepts and structure of American Sign Language (ASL). Build basic conversational skills in a fun and welcoming environment. No textbook required. (1.0 CEU) Instructor Jennifer Beal-Alvarez is an assistant professor in VSU's Department of Middle Grades, Secondary, Reading, and Deaf Education.

16ABPD02      5 Mon      Aug 31 - Oct 5 (No class Sept 7)     6 - 8 PM      $89 ($105 after Aug 26)  


Music &  Dance

Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People

If you yearn to experience the joy of playing piano, but you don’t want years of weekly lessons, this short course is for you. In just a few hours you can learn enough secrets of the trade to make piano playing a part of your life. How is it done? Typical piano lessons teach you note reading, but piano professionals use chords. You will learn all the chords needed to play any pop song in this one session: any song. any style, any key. And you’ll get a healthy dose of insider secrets.

If you already know your way around a keyboard a little, you know enough to enroll in this workshop. If not, email for a helpful free pamphlet to get you started. Instructor Michael McMillan is a full-time professional musician/teacher.

Please note: Instructor will collect $25 in class for a book and practice CD.

16FPEL01     Thurs     Oct 8     6 - 9 PM     $59 ($69 after Oct 5)


East Coast Swing

Learn the basics of East Coast Swing, a lively and fast-paced dance that is fun, fun, fun! Practice posture, leading, following, and basic dance patterns so you will be ready to hit the dance floor at your next wedding or social event. Singles are welcome but we can't guarantee a partner for you. Instructor Janice Blanchard, a lifelong dancer, teaches both public and private dance lessons. She is a member of USA Dance - Tallahassee and enjoys sharing her love of this art form with people of all ages.

16FPEL06     4 Thurs       Oct 1 - 22      6:30 - 7:45 PM       $59 ($69 after Sept 28)

Bring a Friend Discount! Two friends registering and paying together for East Coast Swing receive $10 off the second registration.


Zumba Fitness II

This is a continuation of Zumba Fitness. Get fit the Zumba way! Have fun while getting into shape with a great cardio workout. Suitable for all levels of exercise experience. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel and water bottle to class. Instructor Jessica Avera is Zumba certified.

VSU Faculty & Staff must register for this class at the Employee Development website.

16FPEL10     3 Mon      Nov 2 - 16     6 - 7 PM       $25



Currently no classes in this category.


Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Learn basic skills to operate your digital SLR camera and take better photos. SLR digital camera with interchangeable lenses is recommended. An advanced digital camera with an zoom lens and aperture and shutter priorities is acceptable. (1.0 CEU) Instructor Paul Leavy is university photographer for VSU and a past winner of Photo of the Year from the Georgia Associated Press.

16ABPD04     5 Tues     Sept 22 – Oct 20     6 – 8 PM     $139 ($155 after Sept 17)


Photoshop Basics

Learn the basics of image editing with Adobe Photoshop and build skills that will help you go further with the application. Practice using core tools, working with images and selections, resizing, create and modify layers, adjust and retouch images, and more. (.45 CEU) Instructor Roberto Leal is part of VSU’s Media Services team. He teaches workshops and classes for students and staff in many Adobe programs including Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, and Illustrator.

16FBPD01     4 Thurs     Oct 22 - Nov 12     6 - 7:30 PM     $69 ($79 after Oct 19)

Location: Regional Center for Continuing Education