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Beginning Painting with Soft Pastels

Explore pastel painting through step-by-step projects for a comprehensive overview of this colorful medium. Learn basic techniques and master key concepts; then put them into practice. Wear an apron or old shirt to protect your clothing. Supply list will be mailed with registration receipt. Instructor Shani Voyer is a retired teacher and award winning artist.

You will need:

  • Faber-Castel FC128224 Creative Studio Soft Pastel Crayons (24 Pack) (available at 
  • "9 x 12" Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Assorted Color Paper Pad (available at Hobby Lobby or Michael's)
  • Lap board or piece of foam board
  • Inexpensive easel, optional (available at Hobby Lobby or Michael's)

17SPEL05    Apr 13 - May 18     6 - 8 PM     $109     (Supplies not included.)


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Good to Know...

No classes scheduled at this time. Please check back.

Language & Communication...

No classes scheduled at this time. Please check back.


Music, Dance & Movement...

Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People

If you yearn to experience the joy of playing piano, but you don’t want years of weekly lessons, this short course is for you. In just a few hours you can learn enough secrets of the trade to make piano playing a part of your life. How is it done? Typical piano lessons teach you note reading, but piano professionals use chords. You will learn all the chords needed to play any pop song in this one session: any song. any style, any key. And you’ll get a healthy dose of insider secrets used by professional musicians.

If you already know your way around a keyboard a little, you know enough to enroll in this workshop. If not, email for a helpful free pamphlet to get you started. Instructor Michael McMillan is a full-time professional musician/teacher.

Please note: Instructor will collect $25 in class for a book and practice CD.

17SPEL03     Thurs     Apr 6    6 - 9 PM     $59


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The Joy of Singing

Myth: Not everyone can sing.

Truth: Singing is a learned skill and our dynamic instructor will help you find your unique voice!

Discover how the human voice works as you practice proper posture and breathing techniques. Explore your vocal range, learn how to project your voice (resonance), and much more in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. You will learn lots of exercises, tips, and techniques and gain confidence to sing out loud and strong. Instructor Ronda Paoletti is a teacher of applied voice and professional singer of opera, oratorio, and musical theater.

17SPEL07     5 Tues     May 23 - June 27 (No class May 30)     6:30 - 8 PM     $99


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Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Learn basic skills to operate your digital SLR camera and take better photos. SLR digital camera with interchangeable lenses is recommended. An advanced digital camera with an zoom lens and aperture and shutter priorities is acceptable. (1.0 CEU) Instructor Paul Leavy is university photographer for VSU and a past winner of Photo of the Year from the Georgia Associated Press.

17WBPD05     5 Tues     Mar 21 - Apr 18     6 - 8 PM     $139


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