Management/Leadership Skill-Builders

Leadership and management go hand in hand. Hone your leadership and management skills, knowledge, and attitudes to maximize efficiency, nurture and develop talent, and inspire results in your employees.

VSU Employees must register through the Employee Development website for these workshops.

Location for the following workshops is the University Center Rose Room at VSU. Please call for directions: 229-245-6484.

Introduction to Leadership

Develop effective leadership skills in communication, motivation, and people skills. Today's leader must know how to build greater buy-in, trust, and loyalty to ensure an organization will be as successful as it can be. You will learn:

  • How to facilitate, not dictate
  • How to be honest and ethical
  • How to let people do their jobs and enable others
  • How to focus on the positive
  • How to use mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth
  • How to inspire a shared vision
  • How to motivate employees and inspire them to action

Go beyond managing to become an effective leader. (.3 CEU)

Tues      Sept 30      9:30 AM - 12:30 PM      $59 (After Sept. 16 - $75)
Instructor: Tim Yorkey


Retention Strategies for Managers

Retention strategists report that 55% of US workers think often of quitting or actually plan to quit their jobs within a year. Employees leave an organization for various reasons. Often these reasons are controllable.  Learn to:

  • Determine the cost of turnover
  • Identify what your employees truly want
  • Create a retention mindset within your department or organization
  • Enhance your communication techniques
  • Increase your effectiveness with your employees

Find out what experts say you can do to keep your top performing employees.(.3 CEU)

Thurs      Oct 9      1:30 - 4:30 PM      $59 (After Sept. 25 - $75)
Instructor: Tim Yorkey


Fundamentals of Successful Project Management

The need for a straightforward framework for successfully managing a variety of projects has never been greater. Learn real-world, fundamental skills necessary to manage projects and gain practical strategies and techniques to plan project budgets, set timelines, choose scheduling tools, select your team, monitor progress, and more. (.6 CEU)

Thurs      Oct 2      9 AM - 4 PM      $119 (After Sept 18 - $139)
Instructor: SkillPath Seminar

Note: Fundamentals of Successful Project Management is part of our Administrative Assistance Certificate Program.


Fundamentals of Management & Supervision

The ability to lead others is an important part of your professional effectiveness. What are the roles and responsibilities of a manager or supervisor? How is leading different from managing? What are the measures of an effective manager or supervisor? What are your strengths and areas for development as a manager or supervisor? Build your management and supervisory skills in areas such as earning respect, setting the example, visioning, delegating, coaching, influencing, motivating, and team building. (.6 CEU)

Wed      Nov 5      9:30 AM - 4:30 PM      $119 (After Oct. 22 - $139)
Instructor: Tim Yorkey


Coaching for Performance

Have you ever given an employee an assignment and not gotten back what you wanted? Or you may feel like you are just not connecting with your employees like you should. Create a more productive work environment for your employees. Learn how to inspire a vision and set and communicate goals. Gain techniques for establishing a coaching relationship and tools for delegating and coaching employees. Find out how to use a 90 day performance review to further develop your employees. (.3 CEU)

Mon      Nov 17      9:30 AM - 12:30 PM      $59 (After Nov. 3 - $75)
Instructor: Tim Yorkey


Leading the Generations to Success

Increase your understanding of the similarities and differences in the four generations and learn how to stimulate positive interaction among your employees to reduce workplace conflict. Discover strategies for motivating employees of all ages. The future of your organization depends on how you mesh all these generations together.  You will:

  • Learn the definitions of the four generations in the workplace today
  • Increase understanding of generational differences and similarities
  • Discover how to stimulate positive workplace communications
  • Learn that generational context is not about age, but common experiences
  • Find out how to acknowledge your team's expectations, not just your own
  • Understand that different is neither right nor wrong, just different
  • Discover that generational understanding does not discount concern for the individual
  • Learn how different generations approach the same problem

With the right tools and strategies, you can turn your employees into loyal and engaged superstar performers. (.3 CEU)

Wed      Nov 19      2 - 5 PM      $59 (After Nov. 5 - $75)
Instructor: Tim Yorkey