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Online Readiness Tool

Many of our future and current students worry about whether they are prepared to be successful in online classes. Online classes provide a great way for many of our students to accommodate the personal and professional commitments in their lives, but students often want to know what they can expect and whether they are truly ready. The VSU Online Readiness Tool is designed for students who are uncertain whether online is the best option for their lives and goals. The tool is available to those who are considering applying but haven't started the process as well as those who are already enrolled at VSU and considering taking an online class.

In this tool you will answer questions about yourself as well as the technology and tools you own or regularly access. The information you provide will deliver feedback that is tailored to your responses. It will suggest resources if you need to brush up in a few areas and help guide you in your decision regarding online. In addition to providing feedback on your preparation, the questions and information presented will help you learn more about online delivery and some of the expectations you will encounter as an online student. Remember, the data you provide is confidential, so you don't have to worry that your information being shared.

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