Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Classes

Valdosta State University offers distance learning classes provided by two way interactive IP video conferencing technology. Video conferencing classrooms are equipped with advanced audio and video CODECs, computers, and cameras allowing these sites to connect VSU students to other IP video conferencing sites. VSU students can participate in courses originating at other institutions, and students attending at remote locations can enroll in VSU classes. The class environment, and the student-instructor interactions are similar to a face-to-face classroom. Using the presentation technology, students and instructors may share digital content, DVDs, multimedia files, books, photos, journal articles or other print materials with multiple conferencing sites.

Valdosta State University participates in the French Collaborative, an innovative distance learning program with other University System of Georgia Institutions which allows students to earn credit through attendance at the VSU campus. VSU and other USG institutions use IP video conferencing to share foreign language instructors.

Non-Academic Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is not only for academic classes. By using a combination of GSAMS and H.323 video over IP, it is possible to participate in meetings or conferences virtually anywhere in the world without leaving Valdosta.

This is most often used by administrators, staff, and faculty to avoid the time away from campus and the associated costs of driving to meetings across the state.

VSU video conferencing has also been used very effectively by members of other state agencies and Georgia businesses to hold essential meetings and training sessions.

The costs associated with video conferencing are usually lower than travel costs.