Student Response Systems (Clickers)

Getting Started

During the 2009-2010 academic year VSU adopted Turning Technologies Audience Response System aka 'clickers' as the campus standard. The ResponseCard NXT is the current recommended model.

Clickers provide instructors with the opportunity to increase student engagement and participation during lectures and also allows for self-paced testing (replacing the use of Scantrons). Students can purchase clickers from the VSU Bookstore for use in all of their classes where faculty adopt this technology.

Instructor Turning Point clicker guide

Instructions for creating a clicker registration link in BlazeVIEW D2L.

Instructions for how to integrate Turning Point 7 with D2L.

Have you saved your Session file on a jump drive and need to upload it using a different computer?  If so, see our guides:

Review detailed clicker instructions: Response Card NXT, QT Device, and QT2.

Instructors may include some or all of the student clicker use acknowledgements in the course syllabus.

Turning Technologies Support:

Center for eLearning: Monday-Thursday, 8a.m.-5:30p.m.; Friday, 8a.m.-3p.m. ET 229.245.6490

Turning Technologies: Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m. ET 866.746.3015

Recommended Use:

With clickers, every student in class can respond to questions asked by the instructor. This makes it possible for faculty to evaluate student learning and comprehension as content is being presented. Using clicker technology then becomes a powerful tool that instructors can use to create a truly engaged and fun atmosphere as detailed by Derek Bruff in "Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments".

Bruff states that "The consensus of several literature reviews seems to be that the use of clickers often increases student attendance, participation, and enjoyment of classes and provides students and instructors with useful feedback of student learning." He also states that the impact of clickers on student learning depends on the instructional method in which they are used.

There are two main ways to use clickers in your classroom.

  • During a presentation or lecture - TurningPoint software allows instructors to insert clicker questions into PowerPoint presentations. This method is used for quick polling or question and answer sessions. This software is not a stand alone product. It is an Add-in menu for Microsoft PowerPoint. Scores from clicker responses can be published to BlazeVIEW.
  • For Self Paced Testing (use clickers instead of Scantron sheets) - TurningKey software allows instructors to test students with traditional paper tests. Instructors use TurningKey to create an answer key from new or existing tests and deliver the test using clickers. Students use their clickers to record and send their answers. Results can be published to BlazeVIEW

Using clickers and Turning Point during your lecture to:

  • Increase student participation
  • Increase student engagement during lectures and presentations
  • Collect frequent feedback on student learning
  • Assess students
  • Record student responses as participation grades

For more information visit Derek Bruff's website.

Derek Bruff book

Bruff, D. (2009). Teaching with classroom response systems. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.