Student Response Systems (Clickers)

Getting Started

During the 2009-2010 academic year, VSU conducted a pilot of Student Response Systems aka "clickers" and the Turning Technologies clicker has been adopted as the campus standard.

Instructors use clickers to increase student engagement and class participation. This levels the playing field in terms of giving every student in the course the opportunity to respond to their instructor's questions.

Instructors can also use clickers to check students' understanding of subject matter during a presentation. The ability to determine whether or not students are comprehending concepts in "real time" during a lecture provides the opportunity for instructors to reteach the topic with further clarification.

Students should follow these steps to obtain and activate the clicker:

  1. Purchase a ResponseCard NXT clicker from the VSU bookstore
  2. Instructions to submit the clicker device ID to BlazeVIEW D2L.
  3. Review detailed clicker instructions: Response Card NXT.

Instructor may include some or all of the student clicker use acknowledgements in the course syllabus.