Dropping vs. Withdrawing From Classes

Dropping: Students may drop from class during the official drop/add period at the beginning of each semester. This process occurs on-line. At the end of the semester, no official record of the student having been in the class exists.

Withdrawal: Students may withdraw from courses following the drop/add period until midterm online. A grade of "W" will appear in the student's official records.

Before midterm, a withdrawal is non-punitive, and a grade of “W” is assigned. Instructors may assign a “W” on the proof roll for students not attending class. However, it is the responsibility of the student to complete the withdrawal process online. In order to receive a refund, students must withdraw from all classes for the semester.The refund percentage will be based on the time of the withdrawal as registered in Banner.

After midterm, students will not be allowed to withdraw as required by Board of Regents’ policy; however, students may petition an exception to the Board of Regents’ withdrawal deadlines for cases of hardship by completing a petition for withdrawal form available in the Office of the Registrar. The petition will become a permanent part of the student’s file. If the petition is approved, the instructor may assign a grade of “W” or “WF” after midterm. Note that “WF” is calculated in the grade point average the same as “F.” Any student who discontinues class attendance after midterm and does not officially withdraw may be assigned a grade of “F.”

No fee adjustment will be made for withdrawals except as outlined in the Tuition, Fees, and Costs section of the VSU Catalogue. The Business and Finance Office will receive a copy of the withdrawal fund for refunding, if applicable.

WARNING: Students receiving financial aid should be aware that withdrawal from courses may affect continued financial aid eligibility. If students do not pass 67% of attempted classes during the calendar year (attempted classes include those from which students have withdrawn), they could lose their financial aid. Refer to the VSU Catalogue section on Financial Aid Academic Requirements for additional information.